Never surrender reaching your goals and keep trying to accomplish them even though someone apprises to you that your ambitions are unattainable. 

I had always been thinking about studies abroad since school times. I wanted to gain more knowledge, meet people from different cultures and expand my worldview. However, one thought had been spinning in my head: "You are not good enough to study abroad." Also, I lacked self-confidence because of the language barrier, and certain friends and colleagues saying that my goals are unreachable and I should change my mind certainly didn't help. 

Indeed, I had difficulties passing a language exam, which was the main requirement to be enrolled at university. Nonetheless, I have never given up seeking my goals!!! I did not pass the exam twice, and some people were attempting to convince me to stop trying, but I tried 3rd time. 

Today, I am the happiest person since I'm finishing a Master in Biochemistry in one of the best universities in Switzerland, and brilliant co-workers surround me from whom I have learned a lot. If someone asks me for advice, I will tell them you should always perceive your goals regardless of how difficult the journey would be to implement them.

Viktorija Šukytė | Capricorn

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